.W.B.S.   changes inline skating
.W.B.S.   new freedom for all inline-skaters
.W.B.S.   the technological solution
.W.B.S.   increases safety
.W.B.S.   a new market

.W.B.S.    changes inline skating

From now on everyone can put on inline skates, can skate, and they can brake reliably simply by moving one foot. At the same time all eight wheels remain on the ground, so the skater will have a stable braking position. The braking distance has been reduced. No more problems with going downhill: With .W.B.S. every woman, every man, every child is able to brake in a controlled manner, even when going steeply downhill for short distances. Safe braking in every situation!

.W.B.S.    new freedom for all

Being able to brake naturally, simply and above all safely adds a new freedom to inline-skating. Only those who are able to brake simply will feel safe in all situations (crossing streets, bikeways, interurban downhill passages). The skater who is able to brake safely will be relaxed and will have more fun with inline skating. Inline skating will become more interesting as a way of locomotion. .W.B.S. provides a completely new feeling of inline skating.

.W.B.S.    the technological solution

When you brake by moving one foot forward, your leg turns the cuff and a steel tape activates the brake calipers. By using a mature, the effort is created on the rims. The moment of initiating the braking action can be adjusted individually. A simple lever relays the power momentum. The optimal design of the frame is not disordered. Special rubber-wheels with excellent rebound are used for optimal resistance against abrasion. A solid titan-frame, easy change of wheels, the whole system does not weigh more than a rubber-stopper. This high-value and intelligent product is the output of a long lasting research work. The best solutions are always simple.

.W.B.S.     increases safety

“Inline-skater: Daily 15 hurt” wrote an Austrian newspaper on May 21, 2005. .W.B.S. wants to help reducing the risk of accidents. The danger lies not only in the missing proper safety equipment and the missing courses in braking technique.  „Braking is the Achilles' heel of the Inline Skater “says Jörg Ahlgrimm, official expert for sports accidents of the DEKRA in a study of the Winterthur Insurance. .W.B.S.  shows that this can be changed. Safe braking in all situations - without acrobatic tricks, without need for extra space - increases safety and reduces the danger of getting hurt or hurting others.

.W.B.S.  a new market

80% of the population has a bike. 15% skate. Today the inline-skate market is oriented towards those, who are able to skate without brakes. These customers have gotten accustomed to manage braking by foresight and sportive skills. Given the possibility of reducing speed and going downhill safely, there will be millions of people interested in inline skating again. Maybe they were interested once, but did not pursue it, because of lack of safe braking possibilities. Also today's ardent inline skaters will be happy if they can easily control their speed with the new braking system. .W.B.S. opens a new door to the market.

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