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World-wide new brake system for inline skates on sporting goods trade fair ISPO in Munich

In the small country Austria alone, where the inventors of the new brake system for inline skates come from, "5400 inline skaters per have to go to the hospital with severe injuries," the Austrian Institute "Sicher Leben“ communicated in the newspaper “Heute” in May 2005. This new brake system shall help to improve this situation. And its inventors promise even more:

 “With our ‘ultimate inline braking system’ we change inline skating,“says the team, who calls themselves “Wheel Braking Syndicate.” Their air of confidence is well founded: Simple, safe and reliable braking with inline skates in all situations is now possible for the first time at optimal conditions, they say, and, above all, also when going downhill. This is made possible with the new .W.B.S. – technology. The wheels are braked on the alloy rims with the well known method of brake shoes and brake pads. Although the system is technically well thought out, it remains extremely simple and permits completely unimpeded skating. The triggering takes place in a stable and safe position of the body.

"Brake free"

"Brake free – we give inline skating more freedom. You can reduce velocity at any time you want or need it“, says inventor Bertram Burian, teacher of sports and physics in Vienna. “Safe and simple braking with inline skates gives you a completely new feeling and helps to avoid accidents!”

"Inline skating for everyone"

“Many want to exercise this wonderful and healthy sport, but a lot of them have refrained from it so far, because braking depended solely on one's own skills. We can imagine that in the long run the inline skates market could double“, means Bernd Weichhart, engineer from Upper Austria and internationally successful in the production of alloy masts, "if all those, who have so far considered inline skating as not safe enough, now acquireatastefor it."

"Optimal design in connection with a brake system"

“It is easy to adapt the design for every shoe of every brand. The system is as effective, as it is well hidden. Therefore it is possible to retain the familiar brand design,” explains Peter Ribarits, numerously awarded industrial designer and multiple patentee, likewise from Vienna.

These three constitute the .W.B.S. syndicate. They have developed the product ready for the market after many years of research. The only thing that is undetermined so far, is which boot will complete .W.B.S.-skate, says the team.

The skates shall be available on the market within a year. During this ISPO .W.B.S. intends to gather a large number of provisional orders and then win the market for the their technology step by step. “We are sure that the response for our brake free system will be excellent," the inventors are convinced.

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